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My name is Kate and I am an avid botanical dyer of yarns and fabric. I love using plants from my garden such as prunus leaves, goldenrod, rosemary and carrot tops; the weeds that grow in my area such as blackberries, dock, oxalis, nettles or Queen Anne’s Lace; scraps before they end up in the compost heap such as avocado stones and onion skins; and native plants from my dad’s property such as eucalyptus leaves and bark and wattle leaves and seeds.

Botanical dyeing allows me to enjoy an ancient craft process alongside my love for gardening and the natural world. Botanical dyes are made using the colours hidden in plants, without the use of chemicals. I find their natural beauty fascinating. Botanical colours seem to glow and are so warm and appealing to the eye. I make very small batches which, although time consuming, yields incredible colours. Each colourway is unique to that dyebath. I sometimes leave plants and yarn soaking for days at a time to gain ideal colours. This slow process allows me to appreciate the hidden magic of plants and to create something of beauty that does no harm to the environment. If you are looking for chemical free, sustainable products, then I think you will really appreciate these items.

The only dyestuff that I need to purchase is logwood (from a sustainable plantation) and madder root (although I am working on this). My dye garden is currently in its infancy but has woad, weld and madder all coming along nicely! It is my aim to do the majority of my dyeing with plants that I grow or gather locally.

The yarn packs contain a hand-selected collection of mini-skeins in a one-off colourway. You can use the yarn to knit small projects, to make pom poms, to weave with on your own loom or simply to keep as a precious example of how incredible plants really are. 

I decided to create weaving kits as a way for my customers to enjoy the yarns whilst creating a simple craft piece that they can keep and display in their home. They make lovely presents for children and adults alike. Parents have found they are ideal for introducing their kids to craft and keeping them busy and focused on a project. They are also great for adults both new to crafting or those who are competent weavers looking for new colours and designs.

I have designed the timber looms in the shape of different flowers and they are all made in Chum Creek. It made sense for my first release to be in flower shapes – my garden produces such an abundance and variety of colours! The pom pom makers and knitting gauges are also made locally.

Each kit also includes two or more hand-spun skeins of wool or alpaca that either myself or my mum has hand-spun. Made in a traditional, labour intensive process, these yarns really bring out the best qualities of botanical colour. They also offer a connection to a ‘slow craft’ which looks and feels so different to commercial yarn. The hand-spun yarns also offer great texture in a weaving. I really do love including them in each kit.

The weaving kits include everything you will need to create a flower weaving on its wooden loom. There is an instruction booklet in each kit but if you would like more support, I have made a YouTube video to help you along. When you have finished you can blu-tack the timber frame to the wall or hang the flower from a small nail.

Finally, a few things to note.

I do my best to ensure my yarns and fabrics are lightfast and do comprehensive testing before selling them, however it is not unusual for some colours to fade slightly, or ‘mature’ as one natural dyer put it, as nature intended.

While I try to take accurate photos of the yarns, they may vary due to your monitor/screen and my camera.

I am unable to offer refunds as I am a very small producer however if you have any questions or concerns please contact me (preferably prior to purchasing).

I send out orders as quickly as I can using Australia Post. At this stage I do not ship overseas.

If you live locally (I am based in the Yarra Valley) you are welcome to collect your order to save on postage. Just contact me for details.